In the series “Urban relations” he made plywood object and textil printed with different block house patterns photographed and edited by himself. In the series he want to experiment the relations between rough urban elements and nature – he also experimented how he can change the weight and form of the different kind of urban materials with the use of natural elements to give new feelings about the inhuman and brutal materials like concrete.

The common feature of its series is reduction, minimalism, which appears in colors, composition and visuals at the same timeboth. This kind of reductivity also involves some distance, resignation in relation of the urban appearance displayed. In this series, he turns to the local phenomenon of post-socialist visual culture from a global viewpoint.In his works he use custom made materials, like plywood objects and textile elements with organic surfaces of natural substrates. The main visual is based on the handmade artificial world and the interplay between nature and built elements. This is accompanied by the duality of digital and analogue technical solutions within his art.