This series is based on feeling guilty about finding beauty in these colorful plastic pieces, despite of they are garbage and also represent one of the biggest challenge to solve for humanity: to reduce the pollution of the Oceans. We always find these little objects disturbing and dangerous for our nature when we notice them on the seashore, but generally don’t do anything further. We can find the aesthetics of these elements in arranged compositions and also can think about that we should raise awareness of this problem. 
The mass of plastic in the oceans may be as high as 100 000 000! tons.
Discarded plastic elements and other forms of plastic waste which finish up in the ocean represent danger to wildlife, and aquatic life can be threatened through entanglement, suffocation, and ingestion.
This series is also a hommage for the art genres suprematism and constructivism, such as Kazimir Malevich.
We can find the colorful elements in our polluted nature, focused on basic geometric forms, like squares, circles, triangles and diagonal lines.  I find that these manual art compositions are reconstructible in the everyday urban landscapes in a two dimensional graphic form.
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