22007658_1692601097418350_7909322233487595757_nBalazs Csizik 

1987. 12. 02. (Székesfehérvár)
Balázs obtained his degree in Visual Communication (Budapest University of Technology and Economics).
Creating visual identities is a complex design process for him: he is always planning and executing creative concepts in the light of this. As a Senior Art Director at MITTE, he is responsible for graphic design, webdesign, UX/UI design, brochure editing, along with shooting campaign photos and films.
Influenced by modern architecture, brutalism, and various art forms like suprematism and constructivism. He also get inspiration from nature, searching for the colleration between urban and natural landscapes. Researching the connections between abstract photography and the traditional art forms like painting, and graphic design. Following his interests, he wrote his thesis work  about  the contemporary abstract photography scene in Hungary and started producing works in the genre himself.

In his series he wanted to combine the visual language of  graphic design and photography, using two skillsets. Its a study of the meeting points of constructivist and suprematist art and urban minimalist photography. We can find similar elements in both of them, focusing on basic geometric forms,, such as squares, circles, and diagonal lines. He found that these art compositions are reconstructable in everyday urban landscapes in a two dimensional graphic form.


2009 Kapolcs Valley of Art – exhibition with Tekhné Group (Taliándörögd)
2010 Sziget Festival – Museum Quarter exhibition with Tekhné Group (Budapest)
2011 Museumcafe – Solo exhibition (Székesfehérvár)
2011 Szoba Gallery – Portfolio Points Exhibition with Tekhné Group (Pécs)
2012 Kisfalud Culture House – exhibition with Tamas Szabo visual artist (Kisfalud)
2014 CSÖP Contemporary Gallery – solo exhibition (Székesfehérvár)
2016 Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center – Photostreet Festival (Budapest)